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Benti's Patch - Calligraphy Tutorials by

"I am so happy that my parents bought me a calligraphy set to get me started!"

               -Grace Wilson

Grace Wilson is currently obtaining her Associates Degree for Entrepreneurship at Hillsborough Community College. Her goals are to assist aspiring entrepreneurs create their own businesses and help them to define and achieve their business goals through coaching. Grace graduated from H.B Plant High School with a 3.7 GPA. She participated in many school activities including Chorus, The Music Honour Society, Crew, Track and Field, The National Society of High School Scholars, and The Tampa Bay History Centre Student Society.


Benti's Patch Fun Learning Center welcomes Grace because she believes that creativity helps to fully develop the minds of all people of all ages. Calligraphy takes practice and time. It helps to develop fine motor skills, memory retention and patience. It allows people to focus, and breathe while creating beautiful things

Learning the  art form of calligraphy writing will enhance your penmanship. Grace will show you the basics of calligraphy and provide you with tips, tricks and her preferred calligraphy tools. You will be able to write personal letters, write decorative poems, cards, and scripts.

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  • PENCILS (2-3)


  • MARKERs (Thin)


  • mont marte calligraphy set  

LESSON 1 - Let's Draw The Letter A

LESSON 1 - Let's Draw The Letter A
watch it in Benti's Video Library

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